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Written on 12:22 PM by LissMee

Hello again.. man, it feels like days since I wrote last. And although that was rough on me, I can't imagine what it must have been like for you lot. For that, I am sorry, I will make sure not to let it happen again (maybe).

Can you believe that I am writing this awesome blog on the Highway 17 Express bus from San Jose to Santa Cruz (remember that free ride test I mentioned before, yeah, I'm totally doing that... Next stop, Dinner at the White House...). That's right folks, I'm on the road again (that should be a song...) in Cali, living the dream, the rainy-colder-that-it-should-be-uncomfortable-constant-bus-riding dream (Eat your heart out JK Rowling).

The purpose of this trip has been 2 fold...

1. Organize all of "GB's" buses/coaches/customers for them, and give'em a little training in the process. The training was worth the entire trip by itself, what was it that dude said, "I won't give you a fish, but I will teach you how to fish or something," yeah, I did that.

2. Ride tests for Santa Cruz. Remember how I talked about Ride testing, well, apparently, we must be doing something right, because here I am blogging using our very own RiderNet Unit... Sooo, as I was typing that, I entered the Santa Cruz area, where I learned that every connection in Santa Cruz is down, I'm talking, phones (cell or otherwise), ATM's, Cable, Merchant Services Machines, and even the cell towers that guide our little unit. I am very fortunate that I had the $4 to get back on the bus back up to San Jose. I mean, I had, EXACTLY $4 and that was it, and I never have cash, without it, I would have had no way of getting back to San Jose, no phones to call a Taxi, no way to email/text my boss Meester Bart, I mean, talk about almost getting stuck for real *shutters at the thought*

3. Did I only say "2 fold," that's my bad. I also planned on making a few sales calls while I was out here as well, unnnnfortunately, I was not able to secure any appointments, so that was a no go...

So to recap... not a lot of success on the Ride Test, thanks to a shotty Santa Cruz infrastructure, no sales calls, but hey, #1 was pretty good. Woot!

In further news, I, finally have received some comments, which means, I owe you some poems, I have had 2 submissions of "letter test's" since last Thursday, thus, you shall receive one of 2 things, either, 2 separate poems... orrr one poem incorporating both... I'll decide when I get there...

I'm there... I still haven't decided...



I'm thinking, one poem with both, but if it sucks, I'll do 2... here goes... the challenges are "factr" and "amanest."

Well, the obvious way out of the first one is to use "factr" like factor, but that's too easy, so I wont... maybe, I make this up as I remember, I may get stuck...

Far too often
And without fail
Calls come in from "GB's"
That their internet derailed
Ready and willing,
And always on call
My phone is answered
And I take the fall
Never revealing the truth
Exacerbating this disconnection crime
Silly user error causes it
Time after time

Whoa! I mean, Whoa! It is creepy... do you see it?, I mean, man I'm good (look all down the left column) ;)

Bring it on, I DARE you...

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