"Allll Aboard!!!"


Written on 12:22 PM by LissMee

Hello again.. man, it feels like days since I wrote last. And although that was rough on me, I can't imagine what it must have been like for you lot. For that, I am sorry, I will make sure not to let it happen again (maybe).

Can you believe that I am writing this awesome blog on the Highway 17 Express bus from San Jose to Santa Cruz (remember that free ride test I mentioned before, yeah, I'm totally doing that... Next stop, Dinner at the White House...). That's right folks, I'm on the road again (that should be a song...) in Cali, living the dream, the rainy-colder-that-it-should-be-uncomfortable-constant-bus-riding dream (Eat your heart out JK Rowling).

The purpose of this trip has been 2 fold...

1. Organize all of "GB's" buses/coaches/customers for them, and give'em a little training in the process. The training was worth the entire trip by itself, what was it that dude said, "I won't give you a fish, but I will teach you how to fish or something," yeah, I did that.

2. Ride tests for Santa Cruz. Remember how I talked about Ride testing, well, apparently, we must be doing something right, because here I am blogging using our very own RiderNet Unit... Sooo, as I was typing that, I entered the Santa Cruz area, where I learned that every connection in Santa Cruz is down, I'm talking, phones (cell or otherwise), ATM's, Cable, Merchant Services Machines, and even the cell towers that guide our little unit. I am very fortunate that I had the $4 to get back on the bus back up to San Jose. I mean, I had, EXACTLY $4 and that was it, and I never have cash, without it, I would have had no way of getting back to San Jose, no phones to call a Taxi, no way to email/text my boss Meester Bart, I mean, talk about almost getting stuck for real *shutters at the thought*

3. Did I only say "2 fold," that's my bad. I also planned on making a few sales calls while I was out here as well, unnnnfortunately, I was not able to secure any appointments, so that was a no go...

So to recap... not a lot of success on the Ride Test, thanks to a shotty Santa Cruz infrastructure, no sales calls, but hey, #1 was pretty good. Woot!

In further news, I, finally have received some comments, which means, I owe you some poems, I have had 2 submissions of "letter test's" since last Thursday, thus, you shall receive one of 2 things, either, 2 separate poems... orrr one poem incorporating both... I'll decide when I get there...

I'm there... I still haven't decided...



I'm thinking, one poem with both, but if it sucks, I'll do 2... here goes... the challenges are "factr" and "amanest."

Well, the obvious way out of the first one is to use "factr" like factor, but that's too easy, so I wont... maybe, I make this up as I remember, I may get stuck...

Far too often
And without fail
Calls come in from "GB's"
That their internet derailed
Ready and willing,
And always on call
My phone is answered
And I take the fall
Never revealing the truth
Exacerbating this disconnection crime
Silly user error causes it
Time after time

Whoa! I mean, Whoa! It is creepy... do you see it?, I mean, man I'm good (look all down the left column) ;)

Bring it on, I DARE you...

CrackBerry Fun


Written on 3:33 PM by LissMee

It's on, iPhone.

BlackBerry finally announced it's own version of the ever-so-saught-after-leader-of-the-pack-market-dominating "apps" called the BlackBerry App World. And thanks to my trusty RiderNet WiFi connection, I can download these apps instantly to my WiFi enabled BlackBerry!!

What's that Mr. Cop? Oh, that's right, I'm not talking to you, because my new "trapster" app just told me where you'd be so I stopped speeding!

What IS the name of that darn song I'm hearing? I know, I'll click on "Shazam" on my BB and Tag it! N'Sync's "Tearin Up My Heart!!!" A timeless classic indeed.

I wish I could test the bandwidth of this RiderNet system on my phone... what's that BlackBerry, you've got an app for that TOO??!! 1.24 Down, 268 Up... Not bad for a unit on the road.

Darn straight that's not bad, if only I had a link to get more details on this amazing unit, so I could access on my internet ready WiFi enabled phone... What's that Jon? You want me to visit your RiderNet page for more details??

"YES! Yes I do!"

And take a look at BlackBerry's AppWorld while you're at it. Together, we'll bring RiderNet and BlackBerry to the top of technological Food Chain!!

Anybody figure out yesterdays question yet? I guess I'll never know until someone actually submits a comment...

In other communication news, Michelle Obama, totally touched the Queen, that's right, 'THE' Queen. Talk about a communication Taboo when it comes to the Queen!! And how did the Queen respond? She, (enter drumroll), touched her right back! Can you believe it, "YES WE CAN." Man, news must be slow...

Well, no challenge yet... I'll see you tomorrow..

...dnE ehT


Written on 4:24 PM by LissMee

...mood niatrec diova ot (http://www.ridernet3.com/wifi-inmotion-hotspot.asp) psa.topstoh-noitomni-ifiw/moc.3tenredir.www//:ptth tisiv esaelp ,won rof sdrawkcab gnipyt eldnah nac I lla s'taht lleW ?wollaws nworg lluf a fo yticolev deeps ria eht si tahW ?ydaer ,kcub a uoy evig lliw I ,yltcerroc noitseuq siht rewsna uoy fI .rebmun elttil siht htiw uoy dedivorp evah I ,hcus sA .stsop "tnaveler" ro "etarucca" sa sgniht laivirt hcus tuoba yrrow ot yadiloH a elbayojne oot raf si tI .gninrom siht thgin lufrednow a tahW

!!!yaD slooF lirpA yppaH



Written on 4:05 PM by LissMee

If you look up the Definition of Technology, you will no doubt get some corporate driven "Webster/Technology" pushing version of what "The Man/Technology" wants you to think Technology is.

Here is mine,

Technology: The very thing that is working at an alarming pace to make you, the reader, obsolete, all the while filling your brain and borrowed computers with ways to keep you distracted whilst simultaneously making you feel like you are actually "keeping up" with the very technology that is using you like the Yellow Pages (Remember the commercials... "the one that gets used").

If you look at my technological profile, you will find the following.

5 actively used Email accounts
3 active XBoxLive gamertags
3 active blogs
2 Skype accounts
1 Facebook Profile, 1 Facebook web page (please become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/RiderNet/64314622325?ref=mf)
1 MySpace Page
1 Twitter account
1 Flickr account
0 Chance of survival if the whole Terminator thing pans out... (see "The Terminator", "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", 'Terminator 3: Rise of the machines", "Terminator 4: Salvation" (comes out this spring))

But in the meantime, we might as well take advantage of the time Technology has granted us, by using it's most powerful features against it. One way to do this, is by communication. And what better way to communicate then through the information highway itself.

"But Jon, what if I'm on the road?? Can I use that RiderNet thing that sounds so awesome?"

YES! That is exactly what you use while on the road random commuter! Where did you hear about my wonderful product??

"Why Jon, I heard about it in a number of places, I was first directed by my favorite blog at http://myjobinmotion.blogspot.com. After chuckling my way through this wildly entertaining and informative blog, I noticed a few links, one of my favorites being www.ridernet3.com/wifi-public-transit.asp. What was also SO great about this blog, is it led me to RiderNet's company EuroTech, where I learned about embedded systems here... www.eurotech-inc.com/embedded-vehicle-rated-power.asp."

Wow random commuter, that sure sounds like another shameless plug in order to get your links noticed by our favorite search engine, we'll call them "Gaggle," and yet, I still love you for saying it exactly how you did. Keep it up!

"You know Jon, I think I will."

And there you have it folks, just another example of a happy commuter, and even happier reader taking advantage of the technology that plans to some day render him no more useful then a battery (see "The Matrix")... Until next time...

**COUGH! we're awesome COUGH COUGH!**


Written on 10:49 AM by LissMee

Oh, wait, did I say(type) that outloud. I didn't mean to so boldly express that we [Eurotech/RiderNet] are awesome in such a plain way. That's my bad.

What I meant to say was, we are freaking awesome!

Don't believe me, check out the latest issue of Mass Transit magazine at http://www.masstransitmag.com/print/Mass-Transit/Maintenance-Matters/1$8135 where the maintenance Manager for Santa Cruz Metro (www.scmtd.com) talks about the success of the RiderNet unit that they helped pioneer. RiderNet details can be found at http://www.ridernet3.com/bus-coach-mobile-wifi-hotspot.asp with some of the cooler stuff found right here.

I think it's only fair that since Santa Cruz Metro was so nice to feature EuroTech in Mass Transit, that I should go do some free ride tests for them in Santa Cruz. I mean, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice and leave still blizzarding valley filled with car exhaust Utah, and suffer through the 80 degree Santa Cruz beaches I GUESS!

Les White from Santa Cruz is right though, what a way to improve the experience of riders everywhere, and at the same time, make it possible to turn commute time, into work time. Just think of how valuable that is to so many employers accross the country. I mean, currently, we have several private companies funding their employee's transportation directly. Providing their employees with the buses they need to get to and from work, and fitting them with WiFi. Think of the jobs that are created by doing this! If one company adds a transportation system of their own, they go to bid at a bus manufacturer who then has to build more buses. The company has to add a transportation division to their Job Postings, that division includes dispatch, administration, management, drivers, etc... Then they add WiFi to their buses, and people are no longer leaving their homes at 5:30 in the morning because their work day starts at 8:00. They can leave later to go to work, because once they are on the bus, they are AT work! Think of the money this saves all while creating new jobs!!! Come on Barack, make it manditory! There was an article recently where you (you meaning Barack, because he reads my blogs...) said you wanted everyone everywhere to be connected. What better way!? I mean, I suppose since I'm in a generous mood, that I'd be willing to stop by the ol' White House after I leave Santa Cruz, for some dinner and a heart-to-heart with the leader of the free world to discuss the exponential growth possiblities of our unit that will simultaneously bring the economy back to the front of the world line I GUESS!

Yikes, kinda got lost in my own excitement there... Clearly, you must see by now the validity of my opening statement. EuroTech, RiderNet, and of course Santa Cruz Metro, are ALL freaking awesome!

Well, all that being said, still no challenge.. I'm getting a big head over this guys, no one wants to face me, it's cool, you're scared... whatever, I know, it's cool, don't worry about it, really.. "welp" see ya later....

Kickin it in Cali 2 (that's right, the "sequel")


Written on 10:11 AM by LissMee

In my younger days, I had the opportunity to frequent something of a mansion up Emmigration Canyon in Utah. This place was amazing, I mean, the movie room was not just a room with an extra couch and a big screen. I'm talkin 300 inches, 4 level seeting, and track lighting just like at the movies. There was even a small "snack center." I could practically do laps around the home gym for crying out loud. I even heard a story about the architect who built the house. When the builders were looking over the blue prints, they looked at her and jokingly asked, "Where's the Sauna?" As the builders laughed to themselves in admiration of their own cleverness, the architect literally pulled out a pencil, and drew in the Sauna on the spot. It was next to the room with the tanning bed, and it was awesome.

I'm telling you this because I feel like the Private company, we'll call them 'GB's', who supplies the shuttle's for we'll call them "YeeHaw!" and "Gaggle," along with many other high profile clients, must have known this architect. Remember that time I told you about when I was "stuck" on a bus at 3:00AM (you should, I told you yesterday)... Well, I think when the owner went to the manufacturer with his drawings of the coaches I was "stuck" on, the Manufacturer must have jokingly asked, "Where's the WiFi?" Next thing I know, I'm on the "superbus" installing another RiderNet on 'GB's' coaches. I can only assume they chose RiderNet, because well, they only want the best. Visit http://www.ridernet3.com/bus-coach-mobile-wifi-hotspot.asp to find out what sets us apart.

Now that your back from your riviting visit of our RiderNet website, let me tell you what it was like riding one of these bad boys. Typically, "ride tests" would be considered the less "glamorous" portion of my job. Hopping on a bus, and riding the same route for like, 8 hours straight. But man, if 'GB's'buses were my office/home/bed/living room/whatever, I'd be set. Leather reclining bucket seats, Tables, Drink holders, Seatbelts (don't see them on buses often, think about it), an individual outlet per seat, Direct TV, a DVD/CD player, GPS, Restrooms, Trash recepticles, and of course WiFi. It should also be noted that "GB's" won the UMA's green award with their "Intelligent Transportation" style coaches.

So to make a long story short (still kinda long, I know), while on those buses, this "slumdog*" felt like a "millionaire**"

* Please note that I am referencing the term "slumdog," in jest, I'm not an actual "slumdog."

** Please not that I am referencing the term "millionaire" because I covet their lifestyle, I am not an actual "millionaire."

Well, that's all on 'GB's' for now, and yet another day went by without a comment, so you'll have to survive a little longer without knowing whether I'm up to my own challenge. In the meantime, I'll just go ahead and assume it's because the awesomeness of my first poetic expression scared you all commentless.

Until next time...

Kickin it in Cali


Written on 3:46 PM by LissMee

So there I was, not 100 yards from the San Francisco Bay, with the Oakland Bay bridge towering over the water to the south. Alcatraz looming a little to the north. I could practically smell the famous Clam Chowder Breadbowls from Fisherman's Warf just a few blocks away. Yup, there I was, at 3:00AM, on a bus, doing yet another install in San Fran'.

Did I know I would be splicing wires and turning regular power cables into cigarette lighter power adapters on MCI's (Those are types of buses) in the wee hours of the morning the day I signed the acceptance letter? Not exactly (No). The real question is was it productive AND enjoyable at the same time? Yes!

Not only was I with my favorite boss, we'll call him "Mr. Bart," but I learned a thing or two (or a thousand...) along the way. Probably the most important thing I learned, is that our RiderNet unit is not only a comprehensive solution built to make the life of the End-User that much more manageable, but that it is truly built for these Buses and Shuttles. More specifically on this trip, I learned about its wiring. I literally new nothing about wires except that I was pretty sure I shouldn't touch them. But this, this was easy. This unit is built to be configured to the outlay of a vehicle. It's built for things that move. Potential clients and customers needent be afraid of possible maintenance and/or installation issues that may come up, as they are truly guided by the unit itself. If a laman like me (ask Mr. Bart for confirmation on this) can figure it out, Agencies around the globe can find comfort that their buses will not be disfigured and derrainged for the simple need of WiFi. We can put this on anything!

I also had the opportunity to work directly with one of the largest search engine companies on the planet (not the one you just thought of, but the other one). We'll call them YeeHaw! until I know it's ok to do otherwise. YeeHaw! was most professional and advanced. They are also one of the "greenest" companies I have had the pleasure of encountering. This became most apparent to me as I finished my 128th ounce of Pepsi and went looking for a trash can... a "can" couldn't be further from what I found outside each of their campus buildings. Mr. Bart waited patiently as I worked my way through how to get my empty Big Gulp into the, I kid you not, Solar Powered Trash & Recycle Compactor... I mean really??? I think further down the list than the kid who said, "I wanna put WiFi on buses when I grow up," was the "I wanna recycle the sun ,throw away my crap, and smush it all into one big ball ALL AT THE SAME TIME when I grow up.." kid. Never-the-less, I found myself very impressed with YeeHaw!

Just as impressive was the local Private Transit agency who supplied "YeeHaw!" with these shuttles, more on them tomorrow. For now, a shout out to the rest of you at EuroTech. Want to know what else they offer, check out www.eurotech-inc.com.

This is where I'd accept the challenge (Check my first post, "My Job In Motion," if you don't know what I'm talking about). Unfortunately, no one's had the guts to test me.

Until next time...