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If you look up the Definition of Technology, you will no doubt get some corporate driven "Webster/Technology" pushing version of what "The Man/Technology" wants you to think Technology is.

Here is mine,

Technology: The very thing that is working at an alarming pace to make you, the reader, obsolete, all the while filling your brain and borrowed computers with ways to keep you distracted whilst simultaneously making you feel like you are actually "keeping up" with the very technology that is using you like the Yellow Pages (Remember the commercials... "the one that gets used").

If you look at my technological profile, you will find the following.

5 actively used Email accounts
3 active XBoxLive gamertags
3 active blogs
2 Skype accounts
1 Facebook Profile, 1 Facebook web page (please become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/RiderNet/64314622325?ref=mf)
1 MySpace Page
1 Twitter account
1 Flickr account
0 Chance of survival if the whole Terminator thing pans out... (see "The Terminator", "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", 'Terminator 3: Rise of the machines", "Terminator 4: Salvation" (comes out this spring))

But in the meantime, we might as well take advantage of the time Technology has granted us, by using it's most powerful features against it. One way to do this, is by communication. And what better way to communicate then through the information highway itself.

"But Jon, what if I'm on the road?? Can I use that RiderNet thing that sounds so awesome?"

YES! That is exactly what you use while on the road random commuter! Where did you hear about my wonderful product??

"Why Jon, I heard about it in a number of places, I was first directed by my favorite blog at http://myjobinmotion.blogspot.com. After chuckling my way through this wildly entertaining and informative blog, I noticed a few links, one of my favorites being www.ridernet3.com/wifi-public-transit.asp. What was also SO great about this blog, is it led me to RiderNet's company EuroTech, where I learned about embedded systems here... www.eurotech-inc.com/embedded-vehicle-rated-power.asp."

Wow random commuter, that sure sounds like another shameless plug in order to get your links noticed by our favorite search engine, we'll call them "Gaggle," and yet, I still love you for saying it exactly how you did. Keep it up!

"You know Jon, I think I will."

And there you have it folks, just another example of a happy commuter, and even happier reader taking advantage of the technology that plans to some day render him no more useful then a battery (see "The Matrix")... Until next time...

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