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So there I was, not 100 yards from the San Francisco Bay, with the Oakland Bay bridge towering over the water to the south. Alcatraz looming a little to the north. I could practically smell the famous Clam Chowder Breadbowls from Fisherman's Warf just a few blocks away. Yup, there I was, at 3:00AM, on a bus, doing yet another install in San Fran'.

Did I know I would be splicing wires and turning regular power cables into cigarette lighter power adapters on MCI's (Those are types of buses) in the wee hours of the morning the day I signed the acceptance letter? Not exactly (No). The real question is was it productive AND enjoyable at the same time? Yes!

Not only was I with my favorite boss, we'll call him "Mr. Bart," but I learned a thing or two (or a thousand...) along the way. Probably the most important thing I learned, is that our RiderNet unit is not only a comprehensive solution built to make the life of the End-User that much more manageable, but that it is truly built for these Buses and Shuttles. More specifically on this trip, I learned about its wiring. I literally new nothing about wires except that I was pretty sure I shouldn't touch them. But this, this was easy. This unit is built to be configured to the outlay of a vehicle. It's built for things that move. Potential clients and customers needent be afraid of possible maintenance and/or installation issues that may come up, as they are truly guided by the unit itself. If a laman like me (ask Mr. Bart for confirmation on this) can figure it out, Agencies around the globe can find comfort that their buses will not be disfigured and derrainged for the simple need of WiFi. We can put this on anything!

I also had the opportunity to work directly with one of the largest search engine companies on the planet (not the one you just thought of, but the other one). We'll call them YeeHaw! until I know it's ok to do otherwise. YeeHaw! was most professional and advanced. They are also one of the "greenest" companies I have had the pleasure of encountering. This became most apparent to me as I finished my 128th ounce of Pepsi and went looking for a trash can... a "can" couldn't be further from what I found outside each of their campus buildings. Mr. Bart waited patiently as I worked my way through how to get my empty Big Gulp into the, I kid you not, Solar Powered Trash & Recycle Compactor... I mean really??? I think further down the list than the kid who said, "I wanna put WiFi on buses when I grow up," was the "I wanna recycle the sun ,throw away my crap, and smush it all into one big ball ALL AT THE SAME TIME when I grow up.." kid. Never-the-less, I found myself very impressed with YeeHaw!

Just as impressive was the local Private Transit agency who supplied "YeeHaw!" with these shuttles, more on them tomorrow. For now, a shout out to the rest of you at EuroTech. Want to know what else they offer, check out

This is where I'd accept the challenge (Check my first post, "My Job In Motion," if you don't know what I'm talking about). Unfortunately, no one's had the guts to test me.

Until next time...

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