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First and foremost, let's just call this what it is... A shameless plug of my product with what I hope to be some entertaining aspects mixed in.

What do I mean, "My Job In Motion?" I work for EuroTech Inc, and although my job title changes like the weather, my goal remains constant. I want YOU to be reading this on your way to and from work or school. No, I'm not some misguided teenage advocate of "blogdriving..." Rather, I hope to see you reading this as you are enjoying the public transit bus or train taking you where you need to go.

"But Jon (that's me by the way), how can I do that?"

I'm glad you asked random commuter. You do it with RiderNet.

"RiderNet, that's sounds cool, tell me more..."


RiderNet is a rugged Mobile Access Point designed to provide broadband internet access to any rider on that Vehicle. I say rugged because it is not just another piece of plastic with an antenna. It's built to last, with a Hi-Gain Rugged antenna that gathers both a Cell and GPS signal. What more detail on the unit? Find out more at

Alright, enough of a "sales pitch (for now)," this blog is really about taking you on the jouney that is my job in motion. You see, my job consists, of sales, marketing, support, installation, engineering, and lunch on Tuesdays (Just kidding, I get lunch on Wednesdays too). I also do a lot of ride testing in my travels, where I work while on the buses I'm testing using the very unit I am testing, cool eh? Because of this broad spectrum of work, I tend to travel fairly often. I want to take you with me, because well, I need the company, and it gives me something to do on the plane.

I also want to fill you in on what is going on in the field of communication and transportation all around the country, and what I am doing to stay involved. I invite any and all readers to ask questions, provide feedback, or direct me to your local public transit agency because YOU want this WiFi on YOUR commute.

I'll do my best to keep it fun, and informative. To help keep it fun, when you post a comment, post the "letter test" that blogspot makes you do just to make a post, i.e. "earkstat," and I will pick my favorite one each day (When I start to get at least one comment in a day) and write a poem that involves that letter set, and the world of transportation communication. Come on, you know you want to test me.

To start, I'll use the example (a test I had to type on one of my recent posts) above "earkstat."

EuroTech Already Realizes Killing Service Totally Abolishes Trust (do you see it)

This is really good news
Since we have riders all over
I mean they're spread out from L.A.
to north east of Dover (that's in Delaware)
If we kill their service
Their trust will be gone
All our users will leave us
and our competitors will have won
Thank goodness for EuroTech
and the strength of RiderNet
Competition Shmompetition
This ball's in the net

Come on, I made that up on the spot, test me, I dare you. And remember, you can find out more about RiderNet specifically at

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