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Written on 10:49 AM by LissMee

Oh, wait, did I say(type) that outloud. I didn't mean to so boldly express that we [Eurotech/RiderNet] are awesome in such a plain way. That's my bad.

What I meant to say was, we are freaking awesome!

Don't believe me, check out the latest issue of Mass Transit magazine at http://www.masstransitmag.com/print/Mass-Transit/Maintenance-Matters/1$8135 where the maintenance Manager for Santa Cruz Metro (www.scmtd.com) talks about the success of the RiderNet unit that they helped pioneer. RiderNet details can be found at http://www.ridernet3.com/bus-coach-mobile-wifi-hotspot.asp with some of the cooler stuff found right here.

I think it's only fair that since Santa Cruz Metro was so nice to feature EuroTech in Mass Transit, that I should go do some free ride tests for them in Santa Cruz. I mean, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice and leave still blizzarding valley filled with car exhaust Utah, and suffer through the 80 degree Santa Cruz beaches I GUESS!

Les White from Santa Cruz is right though, what a way to improve the experience of riders everywhere, and at the same time, make it possible to turn commute time, into work time. Just think of how valuable that is to so many employers accross the country. I mean, currently, we have several private companies funding their employee's transportation directly. Providing their employees with the buses they need to get to and from work, and fitting them with WiFi. Think of the jobs that are created by doing this! If one company adds a transportation system of their own, they go to bid at a bus manufacturer who then has to build more buses. The company has to add a transportation division to their Job Postings, that division includes dispatch, administration, management, drivers, etc... Then they add WiFi to their buses, and people are no longer leaving their homes at 5:30 in the morning because their work day starts at 8:00. They can leave later to go to work, because once they are on the bus, they are AT work! Think of the money this saves all while creating new jobs!!! Come on Barack, make it manditory! There was an article recently where you (you meaning Barack, because he reads my blogs...) said you wanted everyone everywhere to be connected. What better way!? I mean, I suppose since I'm in a generous mood, that I'd be willing to stop by the ol' White House after I leave Santa Cruz, for some dinner and a heart-to-heart with the leader of the free world to discuss the exponential growth possiblities of our unit that will simultaneously bring the economy back to the front of the world line I GUESS!

Yikes, kinda got lost in my own excitement there... Clearly, you must see by now the validity of my opening statement. EuroTech, RiderNet, and of course Santa Cruz Metro, are ALL freaking awesome!

Well, all that being said, still no challenge.. I'm getting a big head over this guys, no one wants to face me, it's cool, you're scared... whatever, I know, it's cool, don't worry about it, really.. "welp" see ya later....

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