Kickin it in Cali 2 (that's right, the "sequel")


Written on 10:11 AM by LissMee

In my younger days, I had the opportunity to frequent something of a mansion up Emmigration Canyon in Utah. This place was amazing, I mean, the movie room was not just a room with an extra couch and a big screen. I'm talkin 300 inches, 4 level seeting, and track lighting just like at the movies. There was even a small "snack center." I could practically do laps around the home gym for crying out loud. I even heard a story about the architect who built the house. When the builders were looking over the blue prints, they looked at her and jokingly asked, "Where's the Sauna?" As the builders laughed to themselves in admiration of their own cleverness, the architect literally pulled out a pencil, and drew in the Sauna on the spot. It was next to the room with the tanning bed, and it was awesome.

I'm telling you this because I feel like the Private company, we'll call them 'GB's', who supplies the shuttle's for we'll call them "YeeHaw!" and "Gaggle," along with many other high profile clients, must have known this architect. Remember that time I told you about when I was "stuck" on a bus at 3:00AM (you should, I told you yesterday)... Well, I think when the owner went to the manufacturer with his drawings of the coaches I was "stuck" on, the Manufacturer must have jokingly asked, "Where's the WiFi?" Next thing I know, I'm on the "superbus" installing another RiderNet on 'GB's' coaches. I can only assume they chose RiderNet, because well, they only want the best. Visit to find out what sets us apart.

Now that your back from your riviting visit of our RiderNet website, let me tell you what it was like riding one of these bad boys. Typically, "ride tests" would be considered the less "glamorous" portion of my job. Hopping on a bus, and riding the same route for like, 8 hours straight. But man, if 'GB's'buses were my office/home/bed/living room/whatever, I'd be set. Leather reclining bucket seats, Tables, Drink holders, Seatbelts (don't see them on buses often, think about it), an individual outlet per seat, Direct TV, a DVD/CD player, GPS, Restrooms, Trash recepticles, and of course WiFi. It should also be noted that "GB's" won the UMA's green award with their "Intelligent Transportation" style coaches.

So to make a long story short (still kinda long, I know), while on those buses, this "slumdog*" felt like a "millionaire**"

* Please note that I am referencing the term "slumdog," in jest, I'm not an actual "slumdog."

** Please not that I am referencing the term "millionaire" because I covet their lifestyle, I am not an actual "millionaire."

Well, that's all on 'GB's' for now, and yet another day went by without a comment, so you'll have to survive a little longer without knowing whether I'm up to my own challenge. In the meantime, I'll just go ahead and assume it's because the awesomeness of my first poetic expression scared you all commentless.

Until next time...

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