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Written on 3:33 PM by LissMee

It's on, iPhone.

BlackBerry finally announced it's own version of the ever-so-saught-after-leader-of-the-pack-market-dominating "apps" called the BlackBerry App World. And thanks to my trusty RiderNet WiFi connection, I can download these apps instantly to my WiFi enabled BlackBerry!!

What's that Mr. Cop? Oh, that's right, I'm not talking to you, because my new "trapster" app just told me where you'd be so I stopped speeding!

What IS the name of that darn song I'm hearing? I know, I'll click on "Shazam" on my BB and Tag it! N'Sync's "Tearin Up My Heart!!!" A timeless classic indeed.

I wish I could test the bandwidth of this RiderNet system on my phone... what's that BlackBerry, you've got an app for that TOO??!! 1.24 Down, 268 Up... Not bad for a unit on the road.

Darn straight that's not bad, if only I had a link to get more details on this amazing unit, so I could access on my internet ready WiFi enabled phone... What's that Jon? You want me to visit your RiderNet page for more details??

"YES! Yes I do!"

And take a look at BlackBerry's AppWorld while you're at it. Together, we'll bring RiderNet and BlackBerry to the top of technological Food Chain!!

Anybody figure out yesterdays question yet? I guess I'll never know until someone actually submits a comment...

In other communication news, Michelle Obama, totally touched the Queen, that's right, 'THE' Queen. Talk about a communication Taboo when it comes to the Queen!! And how did the Queen respond? She, (enter drumroll), touched her right back! Can you believe it, "YES WE CAN." Man, news must be slow...

Well, no challenge yet... I'll see you tomorrow..

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  1. Anonymous |

    What do you mean, an African or European swallow? Either way, I am certain your beloved "RiderNet" coach Wi-Fi system or your cherished blackberry can help you figure out the answer to be 10 or 11 meters per second...
    (~23 mph)

    Your challenge is factr


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